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For many years students have been asking me questions on important issues relating to the trombone, either in lessons, master classes or through email generated from this web site. In this section, I attempt to address some of the most commonly asked questions I have received.

1. Performance standards: how "good" is "good enough?"

2. Why do you emphasize study of music scores so much?

3. What is the best way to practice?

4. Do you have any tips about doubling?

5. How do you go about choosing a trombone?

6. How do you develop good breath control?

7. What is the difference between "in-line" and "dependent" bass trombones? Which is better?

8. What should teachers and students expect from one another?

9. How should I go about working on the Bach Cello Suites?

10. Can you tell me more about brass bands, like the one that plays on your CD recording, PROCLAMATION?

11. What do you think about the subject of professional orchestras going on strike?

12. Can you give me some detailed information about the new bass trombone mouthpiece you developed with YAMAHA?

13. Can you give any tips specifically for high school students who are preparing for district/region and all state solo auditions?

14. I've been reading about problems with people complaining about excessive "noise" levels on stage in orchestras and bands, leading some players who sit near brass players to complain of hearing loss. What insights do you have on this situation?

15. I've been experiencing pain in my left arm when playing trombone. What is causing it and how can I fix the problem?

16. How should I act as a member of a performing group; do you have any suggestions on the "group dynamics" of musical organizations?

17. Do you have a slide position chart that will help me find the right place to put the slide for notes on the trombone?

18. You are a parent of two children who went on to pursue music as a career. What was life in your family like and how did you managed to encourage your children to enjoy and excell in music?

19. I have a son/daughter/friend/student who wants to pierce their tongue. What can I tell them?

20. I suffer from performance anxiety, or what most people simply call "getting nervous" when I play in front of people. What can I do about this?

21. What do you think about "ripping" CDs, where people take recorded music from their private collection and "share" them with others who don't pay for it? Everybody seems to be doing it. Is it wrong?

22. How should I travel by plane with a trombone? With new airline regulations on carry on and checked baggage and the fact that trombones get so easily damaged in transit, what can I do to give my instrument the best chance of coming through a trip without new dents and problems?

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